That there is a cocoa crop ...

We are a company of producers of cocoa and organic coffee from the province of the convention (Quillabamba), jungle of Cuzco. Where we still maintain our ancestral millenary culture in our plantations and harvests of our organic cocoa products. These products are mostly exported to the European and American markets.

On the other hand, the entire final process of our products ends at our Arequipa store, where you can taste our excellent quality and taste of chocolate and organic coffee, without any middleman.

All this, in order to raise awareness among our customers, about the importance of consumption of handicrafts, so that, in this way, we do not miss our culture and explain the processes and quality of these products.

Conoce nuestra tradición


Para comer limpio debes escoger alimentos que son naturales, orgánicos, “Non GMO”, en temporada, frescos y no procesados.  Alimentos que sean densamente nutritivos.

La importancia del producto artesanal


The production of this chocolate does not have a negative impact on the environment, thus avoiding the contamination that large companies make when using artificial machineries and transfer in the production of chocolate.


We deliver the best quality of chocolates at the lowest price, due to the absence of intermediaries in the production of our chocolate, you will receive a chocolate that meets the best quality standards.


The product is created through a millenary tradition that has been transmitted for a long time and that has allowed the country's roots to continue to be maintained, through the harvesting of this chocolate.

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Is an area that is three hours from Machupichu on the same route is a temperate climate zone at 1300 m.s.n.d.m. entrance to the jungle where different types of orange, mango, avocado, tangerine papaya etc are grown, and cocoa and coca are of great coffee value.


The most interesting thing about this place is that you can interact and you can learn native languages like Spanish and Quechua. I want to rescue these communities since they are very forgotten and bring joy to the community and to be able to learn the sowing plantations, harvests and processes of these mentioned products in an artisanal way and the way of doing organic crops.


The help consists of doing routine things of the place depending on the time of the year like harvesting plantations sowing fruits coffee cocoa cocoa feeding the animals of house cuy hen turkey etc field things

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