Meet our products

Our chocolate

We have a full range of chocolates with a large percentage of cocoa, from 55% cocoa to 95%. With a mix of Andean fruits and cereals and typical of the area.

Chocolate con quinua al 55%,

quinua quiwicha ajonjoli

Cacao al 55%

cacao with kiwi al 65%

cacao with naranja al 65%

cacao with cafe al 65%

cacao with sal of maras al 65%

cacao with aguaymanto al 75%

cacao with frutos secos al 75%

cacao with coca al 75%

cacao with mañgo al 85%

cacao with arandano al 75%

cacao with almendras al 75%

with cacao con panela al 70%

cacao con stevia  al 98%

We also indicate that special orders are made with customer specifications, the percentage of cocoa may vary.

Our coffee

According to my grandmother's story, coffee is produced as it was 70 to 80 years ago. The first people who arrived in the area were the so-called "ancestors" (types with economic power that had immense exemptions from territory) and they recruited immigrants from other towns, mostly people if there was no study to take them to work, among them, my grandparents. Years later the government expelled them from the country along with the citizen's revolution and among all the workers they began to divide the land where they worked. From that moment on, they began to form cooperatives, which to this day continue.


In greater quantity we work with typical coffee of the zone, in others (what thing) we have catimor and bourbon. All our cafes are located at a height of 1500 to 2000 meters above sea level.


We export these organic products to international markets, but we also decided to open a family business, aimed at the local public. Where it could be appreciated by means of our coffee, the whole process of the harvest, by means of a coordinated work, training us constantly and worrying about always maintaining the essence of our ancestral culture, in each of our coffees.

Our liquor

We have artisanal liqueurs derived from brown cocoa and other fruits such as:

Cocoa liquor

Cocoa Coktel

Coffee cream

Muña liquor

Liquor with lucuma

Pisco with orange

Eucalyptus liqueur with kion

Pisco with coca

Coffee Coktel

and other macerated

We also have classic liqueurs from Peru:

Pisco Sour

Choco sour




Our Cosmetics

Chocolate Body Oil

100% pure and natural chocolate (cocoa) acts as a nutrient and antioxidant on the skin. With a massage throughout the body of chocolate oil facilitates the drainage of the superficial and deep layers.


Natural soap Chocolate and Oats.

With cocoa butter, 100% pure natural cocoa and oatmeal, slightly exfoliating, suitable for dry or sensitive skin.


Body Scrub Coffee and Seaweed.

Coffee has unique properties to eliminate the much-hated "orange peel", due to caffeine, which allows it to more easily break the fat cells that accumulate in the skin.


Lip balms.

Nothing better to protect your lips than vegetable shortenings such as cocoa and coconut and sun protection from beeswax. Forget about dry and cracked lips this summer!


Phyto Coffee Shampoo

If you love to start the day with the intoxicating aroma of coffee this shampoo is for you, caffeine has wonderful antioxidant properties and stimulates hair growth leaving it shiny, silky and strengthened.


Other products: Chocolate Body Oil and Natural Coffee Shampoo




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